Best Solar Fence Charger

Best Solar Fence Chargers Reviewed 2018

No matter how large your property is, the best solar fence chargers can contain or keep animals off your land. These eco-friendly devices work by using the power of the sun to lightly charge a fence. They are completely harmless and perfect for those who have animals on or around their property.

Since these devices can be so beneficial we thought it would be a great idea to review the top solar fence chargers on the market. All of the below devices are trusted in the industry and will truly serve you well. Just find the one that best fits your property’s size.


Solar Fence Charger Comparison Guide

Picture:Name:Technical Details:Range:Price:
Parmak Magnum Solar Fence Charger- 25.3 Pounds
- 21.5 x 11.2 x 16.5 Inches
30 Miles$$$
Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger- 17.5 Pounds
- 17.3 x 15.3 x 8.6 Inches
25 Miles$$
Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Fence Charger- 14.1 Pounds
- 11.5 x 8 x 11.2 Inches
10 Miles$
Zareba ESP5M Solar Fence Charger- 5.8 Pounds
- 7.9 x 7.9 x 15 Inches
5 Miles$
Red Snap'r ESP3M-RS Solar Fence Charger- 5.5 Pounds
- 7.9 x 7.9 x 15 Inches
3 Miles$


The Best Solar Fence Chargers

1. Parmak Magnum Solar Fence Charger

First on the review is the Parmak Magnum solar fence charger. This particular device is the most powerful on the list. It can charge a whopping area of 30 miles and is perfect for most medium to large-sized properties.

The Magnum uses a large solar panel to charge the fence and the internal battery during the day. At night-time the devices switches to the battery and uses it until light is detected.

The large solar panel does a great job at keeping things charged and produces a ton of energy. The Magmums large 12V battery is one of the best in the industry. It allows the device to charge long distances for long periods of time.

Since this device is going to be used outdoors it built to be rugged. The materials it uses are high quality and can withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors. Its quality design allows it run all day and night without any issues. There is also a full 2 year warranty just incase the device gets struck by lighting. The battery includes a 1 year warranty.

Overall the Parmak Magnum solar fence charger is a great device. It’s very powerful and can charge long distances. We think its perfect for anyone who has a medium to large-sized property.

  • Large solar panel produces a lot of energy.
  • Can power long distances.
  • 12V battery has a lot of power.
  • None.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 11.2 x 16.5 Inches
Weight: 25.3 Pounds
Range: 30 Miles


2. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger

Second on the review is the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger. Yes, this is another Parkmark product, but they are a top company in this field and have great products. The DF-SP-LI is a great fence charger and possibly a good option for you.

This particular fence charger can power a distance of 25 miles. This distance is most suitable for anyone who has a small to medium-sized property.

The Parkmak is powered by a large high efficient solar panel. This panel produces a lot of energy and allows the device to power the fence during the day while also charging the battery. At night-time the charger taps into its internal battery.

This Parmak solar charger uses a 6V battery to power the lines. While this isn’t as powerful as the above option, it’s still produces a lot of charge and can run for 21 days without a charge.

One cool thing about the Parmak is that its built-in meter will indicate the status of the fence. If there seems to be a problem then the meter will show you so you can fix it.

This low impedance charger is built to last the outdoors with its durable design. It uses a metal exterior to protect all the internal parts and can handle most weather conditions. Its durable design makes it ideal for setting it up once and simply forgetting about it.

Overall the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger is a great option. It’s a powerful fence charger that suitable for most situations. Its durable design will also allow it to last years without any issues. So we recommend checking this device out as its a popular option on the market.

  • Uses high efficient solar panel.
  • Can withstand the outdoors.
  • Large battery runs for up to 21 days without charge.
  • None.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 15.3 x 8.6 Inches
Weight: 17.5 Pounds
Range: 25 Miles


3. Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Fence Charger

Third on the review is the Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Fence Charger. This fence charger is much smaller than the above devices and is ideal for smaller properties.

The Zareba has a charge range of 10 miles at 0.15-joules. It can be used on steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope and poly tape. This variety of uses allows it to be perfect for most fence types.

Zarebra uses a medium-sized high efficient solar panel to power the internal battery. This panel charges the battery though out the day and allows the device to run 24/7.

Within this device is a 6V internal battery. This battery is large enough to power up to 10 miles. It can charge this area for about 2 full weeks before dying.

Installation for the Zareba is fast and easy. You can place it on T-posts, round wood posts, Y-posts, buildings, and flat services with its integrated mount. Once installed the at-a-glance indicator will flash when the fence has energy.

 Overall the Zareba solar fence charger is a good option. It can power a medium to small properties and contain/keep out most animals. So check this device out as it might be the option for you.
  • Can power medium to small-sized fences.
  • Built with quality and durable materials.
  • Uses a small 6V battery.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 8 x 11.2 Inches
Weight: 14.1 Pounds
Range: 10 Miles


4. Zareba ESP5M Solar Fence Charger

Next on the review is another Zareba product. The Zareba ESP5M solar fence charger can power a distance of 5 miles and is thus the best option for most property owners.

One front of the device is the small solar panel. This panel has a high conversion rate and can generate a lot of power for its small size. The panel is also very durable and can handle years in the outdoors.

Within the device itself is a 6V battery. This small battery gets charged during the day and powers the fence 24/7. Since this is a low impedance charger it can run for days without a charge.

This particular fence charger can easily be installed on most wooden posts or walls. It has 360° turn radiance so that you can get the best charge possible. The charger can also be used on steel wire, aluminum wire, poly wire, poly rope, and poly tape.

Since it can be used on many different fences it’s an ideal option for most property owners. In addition the 5 mile charging distance is perfect for most regular home owners. So if you need a quality fence charger for a small property then this is the device for you.

  • 360° rotation for the most efficient charging.
  • Ideal for small properties.
  • Uses quality materials.
  • Not built for large animals.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 15 Inches
Weight: 5.8 Pounds
Range: 5 Miles


5. Red Snap’r ESP3M-RS Solar Fence Charger

Last on the review is the Red Snap’r solar fence charger. This is by far the smallest charger on the review and thus powers a small distance of 3 miles. This short distance is ideal for small properties with small animals.

To power the Red is a small high efficient solar panel. This panel features compartmental damage-resistant construction and can easily handle the wear and tear of the outdoors.

During the day the panel charges the small 6V internal battery. This keeps the battery charged so that it can literally run 24/7. When running it can power a total of 3 miles with a .07 Joule output.

Since the output of this device is so low its meant for smaller animals such as poultry, nuisance animals, and pets. So if you need to keep out larger animals than this probably isn’t the device for you.

The Red Snap’r can easily be installed onto most walls and wooden posts. The device can also rotate 360° if installed on a T-Post. This allows you to get the best charge no matter what time of the day or the year.

Overall the Red Snap’r is a great product if you need a small fence charger. It’s ideal for smaller animals and is great for small gardens or properties. So if you need a low power electric fence charger then we recommend checking this device out.

  • Ideal for small properties with small animals
  • 360° rotation gives you the best charge.
  • Not built for larger animals.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 15 Inches
Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Range: 3 Miles

Solar Fence Charger Benefits

Solar fence chargers are one of the best devices to contain animals or keep them out. They use the power of the sun to give a slight charge to anything touching the fence. This eco-friendly avenue of protecting your property is becoming very popular since you can set it up and simply forget out it.

One of the main benefits to solar fence chargers is that they keep your animals and property safe. They can contain your animals and keep them from running away. On the flip side they can also keep animals out of your property and keep your garden safe. While they aren’t ideal for moles, they can still deter most animals from entering your property.

Another benefit is that they are super convenient. You can literally set up the fence charger once and leave it to run by itself for years. You don’t have to charge it or change batteries. You simply leave it in the sun and it will run 24/7. If there ever is a problem with the fence then the chargers will indicate it with their built-in lights.

The last and most obvious benefit is that they are good for the environment. Solar energy is completely clean since no CO2 or other pollution is released into the atmosphere. This makes solar fence charges one of the most eco-friendly devices you can use for your property.

Overall solar fence chargers can benefit you greatly if you need to contain or keep animals off your property. They can easily be set up and can be forgotten about once finished. We recommend finding the charger that best fits your property size. You should also keep in mind the power of the charger and some are better suited for larger animals.