Best Solar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The holiday season is here and businesses are starting to release their best solar black Friday & cyber Monday deals. These deals range from a wide variety of solar devices. Gadgets varying from solar panels to solar lights. Since our website is dedicated to everything solar we had to find the top solar deals for you.

As we get closer to the holidays we will upload more deals. Just keep in mind that these offers will only be open for a limited amount of time. Meaning its essential to purchase them before time runs out. So check out the products below and find the ones best suited for you.


Best Solar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

To make it easier to find the deals for the solar products you want, we have categorized the products. We have also sorted the deals and display the best ones first. Be sure to check out each category as you might find a solar product that you must buy.

In our product research we have found Amazon to be the best source. They have a wide variety of solar products that can be delivered in just a couple days. So if you want to see a complete list of Amazon black friday deals then visit this page HERE.

Best Solar Generator Black Friday Deals

1. ACOPOWER Solar Generator (15% OFF)
The ACOPOWER solar generator is one of the cheapest generators on the market. It has a 400Wh battery and can charge most of the families devices. On the device itself are 2 AC ports, 4 USB ports and 2 DC ports.

To charge the generator itself is solar power, AC power, or DC power. The ACOPOWER 100W solar panel (not included) can charge the battery in just 4-5 hours. Meaning you can have a full functioning off-grid solar generator at a great price.


Best Solar Charger Black Friday Deals

1. Titita Solar Charger (74% OFF)

The Titita solar charger is an ideal device for anyone goes camping, backpacking, or who lives off-the-grid. This battery bank uses a high efficient solar panel to charge its 8000 mAh internal battery.

This battery can then be used to charge your devices or to power the 21 LED light on the back of the unit. To make this even better the battery bank has 3 seperate USB ports.


Best Solar Light Black Friday Deals

1. Qedertek Solar Christmas Light (85% OFF)

The Qedertek solar Christmas light is perfect for generating a warm and charming atmosphere. This 200 LED light shines bright when dusk is detected. It uses solar energy to charge its internal battery and only needs a flick of a switch to work.

The Qerdertek uses a powerful 1800 mAh internal battery and can run for 8 hours straight. The light is rated IPX- waterproof and is durable enough to handle the wear and tear of the outdoors.


2. URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Light (50% OFF) 

The URPOWER solar motion sensor light is perfect for lighting the outside of your home. This particular pack comes with 4 small, but powerful lights that have a total of 20 LEDs each.

The URPOWER uses a large solar panel to charge its 1000 mAh internal battery. This panel only needs 8 hours in direct sunlight to fully charge the battery. The battery can then power the LEDs for up to 10 hours without dying.


3. URPOWER Solar Spotlight (47% OFF)

The URPOWER solar spotlight is a perfect tool to illuminate flags, fountains, or landscaping. It uses 4 powerful LEDs that produce a total of 200 lumens of bright light.

To power the spotlight is a small solar panel. Just 6-8 hours in direct sunlight equals 6-9 hours of lighting time. The light is also adjustable 90 degrees in order to get the best lighting possible. To make it even better this package comes with a pack of 2.



4. Nite Guard Solar Predator Light (41% OFF)

The Nite Guard solar predator light is an ideal device to keeping your garden safe and sound. This product produces a constant flashing light to deter animals from entering the premises.

This powerful light is completely harmless, but is powerful enough to deter owls, hawks, skunks, raccoons, deers, coyotes, and etc. All you need to do is install this light at the correct height and you’re good to go.

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