Best Solar Energy Books

Best Solar Energy Books

If you’re looking into getting solar or just want to learn about solar, then it’s probably a good idea to check out the best solar energy books. These books contain a lot of information that give you a good perspective of how solar works and how it can improve your life.

Luckily for you we are obsessed with everything solar and have put together the top solar books available. Below we have to categories. One contains books that show the science and impact of solar panels. The other category contains step-by-step instructions on how to install solar panels.

We recommend purchasing a book from both categories as they can greatly enhance your knowledge. So read about each book down below and decipher which are best suited for you.


Best Solar Energy Books

The Great Transition

The Great Transition is a wonderful book that discusses “the great transition,” from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Solar and wind energy were once considered a less efficient and effective avenue of creating energy. Thanks to modern technology this is simply not the case anymore.

The Great Transition details the accelerating pace into cleaner and greener energy. An incredible number of achievements and ideas are discussed. Along with examples of how you can support this movement and ultimately become a more eco-friendly individual.

Overall The Great Transition does a great job at exposing you to the benefits of renewable energy, how this technology is becoming more efficient, and how you yourself can help this transition. So if you’re looking for a great book about the perspective of solar and wind energy then this is a perfect book for you.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is a great book that covers the science of solar technology. It’s mainly meant for students, but the detailed information is great if you fully want to fully understand how these systems work.

This comprehensive textbook dives into the physics of photovoltaic cells. Making it a great resource for researchers, students, and solar enthusiast. With it’s included exercises the book does a great job at reinforcing the information.

Overall Solar Energy is a great informational book about the physics and science of solar technology. If you’re interested in learning detailed information about solar then this is a perfect book for you. Just remember that it is a textbook so don’t expect to be reading something easy.


Best Home Solar Books

Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies

Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies is a perfect book if you’re looking into building your own solar system. As with most books from this franchise the book covers everything solar in simple and easy to understand terms. Allowing for solar newbies to fully comprehend the information given.

The book gives you a comprehensive overview of the history, physics, design, installation, and operation of home-scale solar systems. It also gets in the nitty-gritty by showing you specific components and parts needed when building a residential solar system.

Overall Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies is a well-rounded book covering solar energy and solar installation. It throughly covers each aspect of solar with simple and understandable terms. Allowing you to fully absorb all the information. We definitely recommend this book, especially if you want something simple to read.

Solar II

Solar II is another awesome DYI solar book. This informational book gets into the fine details of how to completely plan, design, build, and maintain your own solar system.

This thorough book includes easy-to-fallow directions with over 150 photos, illustrations, and schematics. Together allowing you to have an easy and successful solar building experience.

Overall Solar II is a thorough book that gives you step-by-step directions on how to build your own solar system. We recommend this book to many people and believe it should be a must read for you.

Build Your Own Low-Budget Solar Power System

Build Your Own Low-Budget Solar Power System is a great book that gives you the insight of a DYI solar master. The author Steven Gregersen lives on a 20 acre lot that is mostly self-sufficient. He has been living off the grid for well over 10 years.

With over a decade of experience he thought we would a good idea to create a resource for those who wanted to build a cheap/small-scale solar system. Thus this book was created and is now available for all.

In the book he condensed all the information on how to design your own simple off the grid solar system. He teaches you what panels and components to buy, how to the system works, and how to size it properly for your particular situation.

Overall this a great book for those looking to do their own DYI solar project. You get the experience and guidance of someone who’s lived off the grid for over a decade.  Allowing you to easily and effectively power your home. So check out this book as it can benefit you a lot!