Best Solar Cleaning Tools Reviewed 2019

The easiest and best solar panel cleaning tools for most people will be a panel cleaning kit and some cleaning solution.

Now that you have your own solar system, you need the best solar cleaning tools. Cleaning dirt and debris from your solar panels keeps them working longer and more efficiently. In most cases, you can do it yourself too.

Since solar panel maintenance is so important, we reviewed the top solar cleaning tools on the market. Each item does its part in extending the lifespan of your solar panel system.

Here is the solar cleaning equipment we’ll be reviewing:

The Best Solar Panel Cleaning Tools

Mr. Long Arm Solar Cleaning Kit

This a complete cleaning kit. The Mr. Long Arm Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit comes with everything you need to clean your panels quickly, safely, and easily. The only other thing you’ll need to purchase is a cleaning solution.

The kit includes one 5-12 foot extension pole, one 12 inch and one 18 inch channel with squeegee rubber, one 18 inch and one 22 inch wash bar and sleeve, two tool handles, one 4-8 foot flow through extension pole, one flow-though angle adaptor, one soft flow-through cleaning brush, one 15 by 15 inch microfiber cleaning cloth, an instructional DVD, and a canvas case to carry it all with.

One awesome aspect about this kit is that it comes with the flow-through capabilities. This means that you can hook it up to a hose and the water will flow all the way up to the brush. Allowing you to get the most effective clean possible. This feature alone makes the Mr. Long Arm cleaning kit the best product to use when cleaning your panels.

Overall this is a great product. It’s a one time purchase that has everything you need to keep your panels working efficiently. It’s also very convenient and simple as all the parts are meant to be used and stored together. So check out this product as it could benefit you a lot!

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 55 x 10 x 5 Inches
Weight: 9.2 Pounds
Type: Cleaning Kit

Carrand Solar Panel Brush

Brushes are pivotal to cleaning solar panels. If you have a small budget and don’t want a complete kit, pick up the Carrand Solar Panel Brush.

The brush has a telescopic handle which extends to 96 inches. It also has soft flagged bristles that are perfect for solar panels since you don’t want to them to scratch the glass.

The brush is made out of aluminum. This ensures that it never rusts and is able to handle the wear and tear of regular use.

This a great product if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, or want to put together your own kit. If you go with this route, buy a squeegee and solar cleaning solution. With these three pieces, you have all you really need to clean your panels.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 52.3 x 6.5 x 1.3 Inches
Weight: 12.6 Pounds
Type: Brush

DocaPole Squeegee & Window Washer

If you don’t buy a full kit, buy a squeegee. A squeegee is simple and effective for cleaning panels. It also makes the panels look nicer. Get the 24 foot version of the DocaPole Sqeegee so you have plenty of reach.

The microfiber scrubber is removable washable, and the squeegee blades go up to 14-inches. That way you can clean each panel in just a few passes.

The pole itself is made of aluminum, and the connectors are plastic. So you don’t have to worry about rust. This squeegee should last you a while.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 72.5 x 4 x 4 Inches
Weight: 5.75 Pounds
Type: Squeegee

Winsol Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

One product that is an absolute buy is the Winsol Solar Brite Solar Panel Cleaning Soap. None of the above products come with solution and you need it. Wilsol is a trusted brand and is our number one recommendation.

The Winsol Solar Brite uses a high concentrate of biodegradable anionic detergent. Once mixed in water it quickly removes pollution, oils, grease, and any grime that could possibly land on a solar panel.

For the best clean possible mix the solution with water. Scrub lightly on the panels until the grime is gone and then rinse with some water. It’s also biodegradable, and the container can be recycled when you are finished with it.

Overall the Winsol Solar Brite is a great cleaning solution. It’s great for the environment while also still being very effective at cleaning.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: Unknown Dimensions
Weight: 6 Pounds
Type: Cleaning Solution

Home Solar Cleaning Benefits

As we mentioned above, regular solar maintenance keeps your investment working as efficiently as possible. Clean your solar panels at least 2 times a year. If you don’t, build up occurs on the panels and they start to convert less energy. In the worst cases this can lead to a damaged the solar system.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to clean your panels is by buying your own solar panel cleaning tools. Not only do they help clean your solar panels, but they also save you money in the long run. In just a few years the cleaning tools pay for themselves as you don’t need to hire someone else to do them.

While we recommend cleaning them yourself, we also understand that sometimes this isn’t the best route. Sometimes cleaning solar panels can be dangerous. If you think this task is out of your skill set, or your panels are hard to reach, call a professional.

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Comparison

Picture:Name:Technical DetailsType:Price:
Mr. Long Arm Solar Cleaning Kit- 9.2 Pounds
- 55 x 10 x 5 Inches
Cleaning Kit$$$$
Carrand 93088 Solar Panel Brush- 12.6 Pounds
- 52.3 x 6.5 x 1.3 Inches
Hopkins 9500 Solar Panel Squeegee- 2.1 Pounds
- 53 x 10 x 2.5 Inches
Winsol Solar Panel Cleaning Solution- 6 Pounds
- Unknown Dimensions
Cleaning Solution$$