Best Solar Battery Maintainer

Best Solar Battery Maintainers Reviewed 2018

The best solar battery maintainers can trickle charge your battery and keep them full. They are most ideal boats, cars and motorcycles and can charge them in short amount of time. In addition to this they utilize solar energy which is completely clean and good for the environment.

Since these chargers can be so effective we had to write a review on the top solar batter maintainers on the market. Down below we have listed the top choices. We recommend finding the one best suiting your energy needs. So keep in mind the watts required for your particular battery.


Solar Battery Maintainer Comparison Guide

Picture:Name:Technical Details:Power:Price:
ALLPOWERS 14W Solar Charger- 18V
- 1 Pound
- 31.5 x 9.1 x 0.04 Inches
MicroSolar 10W Solar Battery Maintainer- 12V
- 2.6 Pounds
- 9.8 x 13.8 x 0.7 Inches
ALLPOWERS 7.5W Solar Battery Maintainer- 18V
- .8 Pounds
- 12.6 x 5 x 0.12 Inches
NOCO 5W Solar Maintainer- Unknown Voltage
- 2.9 Pounds
- 15.3 x 0.6 x 15.3 Inches
Battery Tender 5W Solar Maintainer- 12V
- 2 pounds
- 17.8 x 17.8 x 3 inches


The Best Solar Battery Maintainers

1. ALLPOWERS 14W Solar Charger

First on the review is the ALLPOWERS 14w solar charger. This multi-purpose charger is an ideal tool for any person. Not only can you maintain a battery with this charger, but you can also charger other devices like phones and speakers. Since this a fully functional panel we had to put it in first place.

When opened the ALLPOWERS solar charger displays 4 separate panels. Together they combine a total output of 14W at 18V. Allowing you to charge your battery efficiency and quickly.

When testing this charger it was by far the fastest. You just can’t beat the power  from this device. Which is definitely a huge plus.

The panel itself is built to last with rugged materials. It has waterproof fabric and scratch resistant plastic. This is very important as some of you might be using this device in rugged terrain. It also has holes in which you can hang the device from.

ALLPOWERS claim the panel on this device has a conversion rate up to 19%. While not leading standards, the conversion rate is very high and allows you to charge quickly. One thing to mention again is that this device can be used for charging mobile devices as well. This is the only device on this list that can do that as others are strictly just for battery tending. So consider that when deciding on which device to purchase.

Overall the ALLPOWERS solar charger is an awesome device. It’s the most powerful device on the list and has multiple functions. For this reason in landed in first place on the review. So check this charger out as it might be the product for you.

  • Extremely powerful.
  • multiple uses.
  • Quick charging times.
  • None.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 9.1 x 0.04 Inches
Weight: 1 Pound
Voltage: 18V
Wattage: 14W


2. MicroSolar 10W Solar Battery Maintainer

Second on the review is the MicroSolar 10W Solar Battery Maintainer. This is the second most powerful solar tender on the review. It’s also the only one that comes with installation brackets for secure use. For these reasons it landed in second place.

The MicroSolar is a single panel battery tender. This device doesn’t have loops to hang on like the above solar charger. Instead this battery maintainer has a secure bracket kit. Allowing you to position the panel is the best angle possible.

When in direct sunlight the MicroSolar can create an output of 10W at 12v. This of course is much lower than the above charger, but is still pretty powerful. Since this is strictly meant for maintaining a battery, you don’t need a lot of power. With that being said it gets its job done and charges batteries fast.

The MicroSolar comes with a large 18 foot wire. Allowing you to run the wire outside while your vehicle is inside a shed or garage. It also comes with 12V charge controller, a cigarette plug, and alligator clips with a fuse. Overall this a great solar battery maintainer. It has awesome features that allow you to get the best charge possible. So we definitely recommend this charger.

  • Comes with secure bracket kit.
  • Very powerful solar panel.
  • Long 18 foot wire.
  • Not extremely portable.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 13.8 x 0.7 Inches
Weight: 2.6 Pounds
Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 10W


3. ALLPOWERS 7.5W Solar Battery Maintainer

Third on the review is the ALLPOWERS 7.5W solar battery maintainer. Yes, this is another ALLPOWERS product, but it’s made of high quality materials and has earned it’s spot in 3rd place.

This ALLPOWERS solar battery maintainer produces an output of 7.5W at 18V. Even though it produces less power, we had no issues with the device and found that it charged batteries very quickly. Around a full day of sun would do the job.

One thing we like a lot about the device was its size. It’s body type is slim and long. Allowing you to easily transport or store it anywhere.

The ALLPOWERS solar maintainer uses quality and durable materials. Its made with a high quality mono-crystalline panel. Giving you a great energy conversion rate. It’s also made with durable ABS plastic to ensure a lifetime of reliability.

In the end this is a very high quality solar battery maintainer. It’s honestly the most practical solar battery maintainer on the list as it’s not too big, but is still able to get the job done. So we most definitely recommend this device and advise you to check it out.

  • Slim and slender design.
  • Efficient solar panel.
  • Utilizes quality materials.
  • None.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 5 x 0.12 Inches
Weight: .8 Pounds
Voltage: 18V
Wattage: 7.5W


4. NOCO 5W Solar Maintainer

Fourth on the review is the NOCO 5W solar maintainer. This is the smallest maintainer on the list so far. For this reason it only provides an output of 5W. Because of this it landed in fourth place.

As we mentioned above the panel on this very small. Resulting in a 5W output. Even though this is much lower than the above maintainers, it still can get the job done and is more than enough for most people (charging times will be slower though).

One positive to its small size is that its low profile. The device is relatively thin and doesn’t take up much space. Another great thing about this maintainer is that it’s completely weather proof. Which is a big plus because some of you might be leaving this solar battery maintainer to charge outside for a few days.

Overall this a great option for you in you’re looking for a small and non intrusive battery maintainer. Its super durable and is made of quality materials. So check it out as it’s a good option.

  • Small and low profile solar panel.
  • Very durable and is completely weather proof.
  • Not very powerful.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 0.6 x 15.3 Inches
Weight: 2.9 Pounds
Voltage: Unknown
Wattage: 5W


5. Battery Tender 5W Solar Maintainer

Last on the list is the Battery Tender 5W solar maintainer. This is another small 5W device. It’s relatively the same as the above maintainer, but we wanted to give you another quality device to choose from.

As we mentioned above this is a small 5W panel with an output of 12V. Which is enough energy for most batteries. Charging times will be longer compared to the above devices.

The Battery Tender is completely shock proof and water proof. This allows you to leave the device outside for a few days without having to worry. There is also a built-in charge controller on the device. This ensures no back charging or overcharging occurs.

Overall the Battery Tender is a great device. This basically the same thing as the above charger other than the brand. With that being said it’s an ideal solar battery maintainer and a great option for you.

  • Small and portable panel.
  • Built-in charge controller.
  • Low output panel.

Technical Details:
Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 17.8 x 3 Inches
Weight: 2 pounds
Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 5W

Solar Battery Maintainer Benefits

As we mentioned above almost everything we use now a days runs off some sort of battery. Solar panels are becoming one of the most ideal avenues to charge these batteries. In the case of this article we are specifically talking about larger batteries such as batteries in cars, boats, motorcycles, and etc.

Solar battery maintainers work by slowly trickling power into the battery. If you leave the battery charging for a while than you will be able to achieve a full charge. These awesome devices are super passive as they allow you to set everything up and forget about it. The panel will do its job and then 1 day or 2 later you will have a charge within the battery.

These solar battery maintainers are specifically handy for those who need to charge vehicles that have been sitting for a while. It’s also ideal for those who have a bad battery that always needs to be charged. Just set up the panel when you’re not using it and you’ll always have a charge.

Overall solar battery maintainers have many benefits. Their an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep batteries charged.