Solar Energy Myths & Facts

Solar Energy Myths & Facts

Solar technology and information has expanded greatly in the last few decades. It wasn’t that long ago that solar was thought of as an ineffective avenue of powering the world. Today this is far from the case as solar is becoming a much more sustainable source of energy.

With that being said there are still many common misconceptions about solar. A large percentage of people don’t understand its full potential and how amazing solar technology is.

Since this is the case we thought it would be a great idea to discuss the most common solar energy myths & facts. We recommend reading each of these. By doing this you’ll gain the best perspective on solar and possibly find answers to potential questions you have.


Solar Energy Myths & Facts

Myth: Solar panels don’t work when its cloudy.

Fact: Solar panels still convert energy when it’s cloudy out. Their efficiency is affected as they transfer around 40% of their normal rate when in cloudy conditions. Meaning they still convert energy, just not as much as when in direct sunlight.

Myth: Solar panels need direct sunlight in order to convert energy.

Fact: As opposed to popular belief solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to convert energy. Daylight in general is needed to power solar panels. Meaning panels that are in the shade still pick up a small amount of energy. Direct sunlight just makes this process go much faster and efficiently.

Myth: Solar panels require extensive maintenance.

Fact: Solar panels are one of the most passive investments and require very minimal maintenance. The most important maintenance they require is regular cleanings. You simply must wash the panels every 6 months to obtain the best conversion rate possible.

This process is relatively quick and can be done within 30 minutes to an hour. If you have a roof that is dangerous to climb on then you should contact the professionals to help you.

Myth: When the power goes out on the grid I will still have power to my home.

Fact: If you have solar panels and are still connected to the grid then your house WILL NOT have electricity when the power goes out. You’re inverter will turn off solar power so that energy doesn’t go from your panels to the grid. This prevent workers from getting hurt when working on a solution to the power outage.

Myth: Solar is simply too expensive so it will never pay for itself.

Fact: Solar panels are a wonderful investment to make. If you buy them from reputable companies then they typically have rates of return of 11-15%. Meaning in just around a decade solar panels will have paid for themselves. Since most people own these panels 30 years on average than that means they more than pay for themselves over a long period of time.

Myth: Solar panels simply aren’t efficient enough to produce a lot of power.

Fact: Solar panels used to be the ineffective a few decades ago. Thanks to modern technology solar panel efficiency has risen tremendously. In fact some researchers have been able to reach levels as high as 45%. As time goes by these energy conversion rates will continue to climb.

Myth: Solar panels work better in hot environments like Arizona.

Fact: Solar panels use sunlight and not heat to produce energy. In fact, most solar panels work more efficiently when in colder climates than in hotter climates. So if you’re worried about living in a cold environment then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Myth: There won’t be power to my house at night if I have solar panels.

Fact: All people who have solar panels also have power at night. This is because people have two options, use the grids energy or use battery packs. Most people who have solar panels are also connected to the grid. Meaning they draw power from a power plant when at night when there is no sun out.

The other option people utilize are batteries. Solar batteries are connected to the panels so that during the day they get charged. While at night the house uses these batteries to power its lights and appliances. These batteries were once a hassle to use and set up, but with inventions like Tesla power packs this is simply not the case anymore.

Myth: Solar panels are not an effective way to charge smaller items such as phones and speakers.

Fact: Portable solar chargers have evolved into one of the best avenues to charge small devices while on the go. They are now super small and can charge your devices in around the same time as a standard wall outlet. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities such as backpacking and camping.


In conclusion we hope this article gave you information that you didn’t know about. If you read the full article then you most likely see the full potential of solar. No longer is it an old technology that doesn’t work as it’s an effective and efficient way to power the world. We recommend checking other content from our website and find how you can implement solar into your daily lives.


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