Most Efficient Solar Panels

Most Efficient Solar Panels

Over the past couple months we have received a lot of questions from the visitors to the site. One of most common questions was “What are the most efficient solar panels?”. Many potential solar buyers want to get the most bang for their buck. So they want to make sure they buy the most efficient solar panels available.

Luckily for you we are obsessed with everything solar and have all the information that you need. Down below we’ll discuss the most efficient solar panels made by engineers/scientist. We’ll also show you the most efficient roof-top solar panels that you can purchase today!


The Most Efficient Solar Panels

It wasn’t that long ago that solar panels were thought of as an inefficient avenue for creating energy. Since then the technology for solar has evolved greatly and is now becoming the number one way to create renewable energy.

Australian engineers from University of New South Wales, (UNSW), have taken solar panels to the next level by creating a photovoltaic cell that has an energy efficiency rate of 34.5%. This is currently the world record for solar energy conversion and is beating everyone else by a land slide.

This huge accomplishment is great for the industry as its setting a stepping stone for solar manufactures. Solar companies will soon get ahold of this technology and start producing it on a mass scale. This is important for individuals like us as solar will become much cheaper.

Not only will solar panels become more cheap, but they will also become much smaller. Since these new cells are more efficient, you will need less of them to power your house or business.

UNSW also broke the world record in 2014 by creating a solar panel with mirror concentrators. This set up was able to accomplish a whopping 40% conversion rate. While this is the highest conversion rate yet, the set up uses concentrators that aren’t practical in real life use.


Most Efficient Solar Panels You Can Buy Today

There are many different types of solar panels out on the market today. All of which have different processes of creating energy. Some these solar panels have conversion rates as low as 7% and others boast rates up to 25%.

Out of all the different types of panels available, mono-crystalline panels are simply the best. Reason for is because they have high energy conversion rates. The very best can even get up to 20-25%. Making them the most efficient solar panels on the market.

To add on to this mono-crystalline panels last decades. Their high quality materials make them much more reliable and durable. Allowing them to survive the wear and tear of the outdoors.

The last benefit to these panels is that you need less of them since they are more efficient. This is sometimes cheaper and looks better for houses/buildings. Overall mono-crystalline panels are the best solar panels available on the market and are the ones we recommend to everyone.


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