Benefits Of Going Solar

What Are The Benefits Of Going Solar?

Over the last few months we have been receiving a lot of questions online. One of the common question we get is “What are the benefits of going solar?” If you’re new solar than this question might be popping in your head a lot as you’re deciphering whether or not to purchase solar panels. Luckily for you we are obsessed with everything solar and have the information you’re looking for.

Down below we have listed the top benefits of going solar. We recommend looking at each and ultimately deciphering if you should purchase your own solar system or not. So read the below information and don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions.


Benefits Of Going Solar

1. Good For The Environment

As most of you know global warming is on a rise. This issue is tremendous and has many people searching for solutions. Solar energy is thankfully one of the most effective solutions to helping global warming. This is due to solar power being a renewable source of energy. Meaning there is an there is an abundance of it and there will pretty much always be.

It’s estimated that the sun will be around for another 5 billion years. Giving us years and years of free energy that doesn’t have harmful effects on the earth. Unlike coal or oil, solar doesn’t produce harmful gases or wastes. Instead there is nothing, but clean eco-friendly energy.

If you purchase your own solar panels than you’ll be helping the fight against global warming. While it won’t have a drastic effect on the environment around you, the more homes installed with solar the better it is for the world. So if you want to live a carbon free life than purchasing solar panels is a good idea.


2. Saves You Money

While the initial costs of going solar can be somewhat expensive, over a long period of time they save you money. It has been estimated that solar panels generally pay for themselves in around 10-20 years. Majority of this occurs from the savings you get on your electricity bill.

To add on to the savings, many states have incentives for purchasing solar systems. These incentives can sometimes be so good that they even pay for half the system itself. Not only does this take a huge chunk of the financial burden off, but it also increases the ROI on your solar system.

One other avenue solar panels can help save you money is by the “Feed-In” Tariff. This tariff is established in some select states and allows you to get paid for the extra energy generated by your solar system. While not utilized everywhere, this tariff gives you one more way to save even money.


3. Increase Your Home Value

When most people think about increasing the value of their home they usually think about investing in the kitchen and bathrooms. While these are definitely good investments for a home, solar panels might be an even better investment.

In fact, a study published by The National Bureau of Economic Research, found that solar panels added a $20,194 premium to the sales price of a house. While initial solar installation costs average $35,967, the effective price to homeowners with subsidies including the federal tax credit is $20,892. Meaning homeowners recover around 97% of their investments costs in addition to any savings associated with reduced electricity bills.

So if you’re looking into putting money into your home and want to make a good investment than purchasing solar panels is a good idea. Not only do they do they increase your home value, but they also have a great ROI.


4. Live Independent

If you recently purchased a cabin or camper that is not connected to the grid, then purchasing solar system is a great idea. Solar panels simply convert sunlight into useable energy. This can be done anywhere where sun in shining and you don’t need the connected to the grid. If you purchase both a well and a solar system for your house then you can live completely off-the-grid.

You could just purchase a gas generator in this situation, but they require a lot of fuel and attention. Solar systems allow you to set it up once and forget about it as if you were on the grid in the first place. There are even large batteries that you can buy to give you energy while at night. These batteries are super passive and don’t make noise or fumes like gas generators.


5. Long Warranties

One great thing about solar panels is that they tend to have great warranties. If you buy quality panels from reputable companies then they usually offer warranties 25-30 years long. This is essential when purchasing a solar system because you want to get panels that last decades. Warranties are one way of ensuring the reliability of your solar panels.

Most other parts such as inverters and charge controllers tend to also have long warranties lasting 15-20 years. Overall the warranties on most solar parts ensure decades of reliability. They give you a peace of mind as you know your panels will be working years to come.


6. Low Maintenance

Solar panels are one of the most passive avenues for creating energy. You set them up once and they run for decades with little to no issues. What makes them even better us that they require very minimal maintenance since solar panels typically don’t have any moving parts. Most solar equipment are also built with durable and quality materials. Allowing them rarely fail.

The only maintenance that solar panels truly require is regular cleanings. Over time dirty and grime builds up on the solar panels. This can lower the efficiency of the solar panels which then gives you less energy. It is recommended to wash your panels every 6 months for the most optimal performance possible. There are solar cleaning kits online to help you with this or you can simply just hire a local professional.


7. Great Long Term Investment

If you want to put money into your home, but want to receive a great ROI than solar is your best bet. Over the long haul solar saves you a ton of money. Not only do you get incentives on investing in solar, but the energy that its creates in completely free. In some states you can even get paid for the excess energy that you create.

Overall going solar is a great investment that has a high ROI. Instead of investing in other places in your home you can invest in generating free electricity. It not only saves you money but also is great for the environment.


Should You Go Solar?

If you’re thinking about going solar then understand there has never been a better time to purchase solar panels. The solar panels themselves and installation costs are at an all time low. What makes it even better is that solar panels are more efficient than ever. In some cases you can find solar panels reaching a conversion rate up to 25%.

Tax incentives have also never been better as they can sometimes pay for half of the system themselves. Giving you one more reason to purchase solar panels. If you want to go green and start saving money on your electricity bill then it is wise to look more into  purchasing solar panels. You can find a ton of DIY information online or you can simply just hire a local professional.