Are Solar Chargers Worth It?

Are Solar Chargers Worth It?

Over the past decade solar chargers have slowly evolved into one of the best portable charging avenues available. Reason for is because they can create energy literally anywhere there is sun shining. Which is basically everywhere in the world.

Since they have become so popular there have been a lot of common questions people have been asking. One of these questions is, “Are Solar Chargers Worth it?” The answer to this question varies depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

In this article we’ll discuss what solar chargers are, what ROI solar chargers have, and if they are ultimately worth it.


What Are Solar Chargers?

Solar chargers are simply gadgets that charge your mobile devices from the sun. There are currently two different types of solar chargers on the market. First, there is solar panel chargers that charge your devices directly from the sun. Second, is solar battery packs that store the sun’s energy into the chargers internal battery. This solar battery is then able to charge your mobile devices from the internal battery within the charger.

While they both charge devices differently, they still both serve as great portable charging avenues and allow you to have energy where ever there is sun shining.

Most of these chargers cost anywhere between $15- $300. The price is determined by the power of the charger and the features that the charger has. On average you’re able to find the most practical and quality chargers for around $50. So while some chargers do cost a lot, most of them are actually very affordable.

Charging time for these solar chargers can take around 1 to 10 hours. The the charging times depends on multiple different factors. These factors are how big the panels are, how efficient the panels are, and the power of the battery pack. Out of all the solar chargers available we have found that solar panel chargers are best. This is simply because they usually have much bigger panels that are extremely efficient.


Solar Charger ROI

As we mentioned above solar chargers cost around $15-$300. Even though some can be very expensive, you can find a quality solar charger for only $50. So in reality they aren’t too expensive and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking for a charger with a good ROI then the lifespan of the charger is the most important factor. On average solar panel chargers last the longest. This is because they are simply solar panels that send direct energy to the device. These solar panels are very rugged and can last a few decades without any issues.

The lifespan for solar battery packs is not as long as solar panel chargers. This is simply because the battery within these solar battery packs. Most of these batteries only last a few thousand cycles. Meaning the battery will die after a few years of continuous use.

Now lets say we purchase a solar panel charger (because they last the longest) and want to figure out how much money it will save us in the long hall? Well, charging an iPhone once a day for a year only costs around $0.47. If we charge our iPhone from our solar charger everyday for 20 years then it will save us around $9.40.

As you can see this is a very small amount of money that you save and doesn’t pay for the initial price of the solar charger. So if you’re looking into purchasing a solar charger to save you money then you might want to look into purchasing home solar panels instead.


Are Solar Chargers Worth It?

If you’re ultimately wondering if these solar chargers are worth it then it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a good ROI then they may not be the device for you. The money you save from charging these small devices from a solar charger is in cents range and will go into the dollars if you had the charger for a few years. It would simply be better to save your money and purchase a home solar system.

On the other hand if you’re looking for a great avenue to charge your devices while on the go then these devices are perfect for you. They’re great for people who are outdoors a lot and who constantly need portable power. Since they are so good at charging while on the go or in the wilderness, they have become super popular in the hiking and backpacking community.

So it all depends on what you’re looking for. While they might not provide for the best ROI, they definitely come in handy and are perfect for anyone who is always outdoors. If you’re looking for a great portable solar charger then we recommend visiting this page HERE.


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