Coolest Solar Technology

The Coolest Solar Technology

It wasn’t that long ago that solar was once thought of as an inferior avenue of generating energy. This was because solar technology at the time was still in its infancy. Since then this technology has evolved a lot and is now a reliable and responsible source of creating energy. In fact it has evolved so quickly that many different devices are starting to use solar technology as a way of powering their batteries.

Since so many different solar gadgets have popped up in the last few years, we thought it would be a great idea to expose you to the coolest solar technology available. All of the devices down below have already been created or are in the process of becoming an actual product. We hope this article exposes you to the true power of solar and how it can be used in everyday applications.


The Coolest Solar Technology

1. Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are one solar technology that has evolved very quickly. Just a few years ago these chargers didn’t have a lot of power and were made out of cheap materials. Since then they have upgraded tremendously as some chargers have energy conversion rates up to 25%.

This means that they are much smaller and powerful. So powerful that they can even charge your electronics at the same speed as a traditional wall outlet. All you have to do is set the portable solar charger in the sun, plug your device in, and let it charge a couple of hours.

One cool thing about these chargers is that they are extremely portable and durable. Making them ideal tools for backpackers, campers, and anyone who does anything outdoors!


2. Solar Backpacks

Another awesome devices that charges your gadgets by solar is solar backpacks. These are one of the most popular solar devices in camping and backpacking community. Reason for is because these durable backpacks are built with solar capabilities. All you have to do is plug you device in, place it in the bag, and let it charge.

Not only do the backpacks charge your device, but they also carry stuff in a practical way. There are many different types of backpacks for your given situation. Some even come with water packs for easy accessible  fluids.


3. Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers are an awesome invention for those who go camping or backpacking a lot. These portable cookers allow you to use the sun’s heat to cook your own meals. You can bake, steam, and boil almost any food that you want.

One great thing about these cookers is that they allow you to cook actual food when out in nature. You don’t have to eat only dry food and have the ability to cook meals that you would perviously only able be able to cook at home.

One more great thing about these cookers is that almost all of them cook for 2 or more people. Allowing you to cook only once since there will be enough food for everyone.


4. Solar Speakers

Solar speakers are another invention that solar panels have helped tremendously. Portable bluetooth speakers have become very popular in the last few years. The only problem with these speakers is that they eventually die and often in the worst timing.

To combat this issue companies have created solar speakers. These fully functional portable speakers have a built-in solar panel so that you can get some extra play time out of the device. So instead of just having 8 hours of playing time, you can have 10 or 12.

Along with the above devices solar speakers are perfect for those who go backpacking for long periods of time. Most portable speakers require an outlet to power the device, this is not the case for solar speakers. If you leave them in the sun for a few hours then you’ll have a full charge! Making them wonderful for long backpacking or camping trips.


5. Solar Lawnmowers 

Solar LawnmowersSolar Lawnmowers are an awesome tool that allow you to passively mow you lawn. Not only does they mow the lawn all by themselves, but there s also partially powered by the sun.

The solar panel on these devices give the mower an extra boost of power while mowing your lawn. Allowing you to get the most out of each mowing session. Once the mower is done it automatically goes back to its charging station and stops. If you like you can also just leave the device outside and have it be charged from the sun completely.

While these high-tech devices are extremely expensive, they come with many features and allow people to save more time by doing a chore for you.


6. Solar Generators 

Solar generators are taking over the off the grid world their amazing products. These larger devices are exactly what the name says. They are generators that use solar energy to power their battery.

Majority of these solar generators have much larger solar panels so that they can convert more energy at a faster rate. The internal batteries of these generators are extremely powerful. Some of the top generators can even power large kitchen appliances if the power ever goes out.

One benefit to these generators is that they allow you to literally live anywhere in the world and still have energy. The power company doesn’t come out to your area? Well, its okay as these generators can turn your home into an off-the-grid household.


7. Solar Vehicles 

Solar Vehicles


Thanks to modern technology solar vehicles are now becoming a thing. While not perfect, solar vehicles are slowly evolving into a reliable eco-friendly avenue of transportation.

This new technology uses solar energy to power its internal engine. One negative of this technology is that the car must be as light as possible. Making it an ideal ride of transportation as all creature comforts are not prevalent.

With that being said a fully functional family solar vehicle has been created. This solar car is a small glimpse of what this technology has to offer.


8. Solar Shingles

Solar ShinglesSolar Shingles, otherwise known as building integrated photovoltaics, are an awesome invention that allows you to have less intrusive solar panels. This means that instead of having solar panels on top of your roof, you can use solar panels that are built within the shingles themselves.

This simply just makes the look of the solar panels much less intrusive. One cool thing is that BIPVs are being designed into other devices. Such as in the roof of cars, in the shades of a house, and even on the ground instead of pavement.

Since this technology is usually custom to each situation they can be much more expensive than regular solar panels. But, if you want a less intrusive solar experience then this is the best option for your home.


9. Solar Pool Cleaners

Solar Pool Cleaners are another passive solar tool. These awesome devices use the power of the sun to clean the pool naturally. There are currently two different solar pool cleaners out on the market.

One type is cleaners that filter the water and take any debris out of it. The other is a cleaner that filters the water and kills any bacteria within it. In combination they are a cheap and passive way to keep your pool cleaned year around.


10. Solar Lanterns

Lanterns are one of the most recent technology that solar has improved. These awesome devices are simply lanterns that have solar panels on them. The reason companies did this is because sometimes you run out of battery on regular lanterns. With solar lanterns this situation never happens as the lantern is always getting a charge through the sun.

So when in the dark, your light won’t run out of juice. These devices are becoming very popular in 3rd world countries. Reason for is because they provide a cheap and efficient avenue of lighting their home.

One cool thing about these devices is that they have different ones for your specific needs. They have small and portable solar lanterns, there is waterproof and durable lanterns, and there are larger and powerful lanterns. Together they ensure you have light no matter where you are in the world.


11. Solar Tents

Solar TentsSolar tents are an awesome solution to those who go to festivals or camping a lot. They allow you to obtain energy for your devices while in the comfort of your own tent. You no longer have to go on scavenger hunt for outlets as the internal power station supplies all the energy you need.

These solar tents not only serve as a charging station, but also provide for a practical camping experience. They can sit up to 4 people and do everything that a normal tent can do. While these tents are not on the market yet, they still give us a glimpse of what the future of camping and festivals will look like.



In the end we hope you enjoyed this article. In our opinion these are some of the coolest solar devices in the world. With that being said they are just a small portion of the many different solar technology available. We hope this exposes you to the awesome nature of solar technology. It has come a long way and will have much more purposes in the future.



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