Solar Tips

Top Solar Tips To Maximize Solar Output

Solar systems use the power the the sun and convert it into usable energy. This energy is then used to power your appliances, lights, and electronic devices within your house. While modern solar systems are very reliable and work well, there are still some things you can do to maximize your solar output.

In this article we’ve listed the top solar tips to maximize your solar energy system. We recommend looking at each of the below tips and begin to utilize them to increase the output on your own system. So enjoy the article and be sure to take action.


Top Solar Tips To Maximize Solar Output

Solar Panel Efficiency

Not all solar panels come equal. For this reason some are better at converting energy then others. In our modern world mono-crystalline solar panels are the most efficient and boast transfer rates up to 25%. Finding these high efficient solar panels is essential as they give you the most amount of energy per given space.

In addition to this buying high efficient solar panels means you’re buying the most recent panels to hit the market. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on older technology. Modern solar panels are also more reliable and an overall better option then older solar panels.


Solar Panel Size

Solar panel size is a huge factor when determining your solar output. Larger solar panels simply have more solar cells to convert energy. This means they will have a much higher power output then smaller solar panels. The best thing to do to ensure great power output is to make sure you buy large high efficient solar panels that give you the most energy per given space.


Buy & Install From Professionals

While doing you’re own DIY solar might seem like a great option for you, most people will benefit the most by hiring professionals to install their panels. Solar professionals are able to the install the panels correctly at the most optimum placement for your given situation. This is very important as placement can make or break the efficiency of your solar panels.

In addition to this solar professionals are able to get higher quality solar panels and parts at a far superior price. Since they buy in bulk they are able to get a lower price per watt, which thus saves you money. These higher quality solar parts also last a lot longer then some cheap competitors you see online.


Solar Panel Placement

Solar placement is one of the most important aspects to getting your panels to produce the most amount of energy. In most cases solar panels should be pointing south. This is true for people who live in the U.S. or anyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you do not live in these areas or simply want to check to if you have the right placement, then you can find some helpful tools online that calculate this for you. Just search “solar direction” in google and you’ll find some great resources.

In addition to placement, the angle in which the panels are at is also very important. Most solar installers line the panels at the same angle that your roof. In most cases this option is better as it gives you a secure instillation in addition to being more cost effective. If you do have the power to set the angle of your panels then its best to have them at anywhere from 30 to 45 degrees.


Avoid Shade

A common misconception is that solar panels need direct sunlight to convert energy. This is simply not true as solar panels need day light in general to convert energy. Meaning solar panels will still convert some energy when they are in the shade or when there are clouds in the sky.

With that being said direct sunlight is the best setting for solar panels and will allow them to convert the most amount of energy. You should avoid most shady areas and install them in places that get direct sunlight all day long. This will allow the panels to convert more energy for a longer period of time since they will have more daylight.

This is also true for RV solar. When using solar panels for your RV or camper you should make sure to park the vehicle in a sunny area. This will allow you to get the best possible charge for your RVs batteries.


Solar Panel Maintenance

One of the best things you can do once you’ve actually installed the panels it to properly maintain them. Luckily for you solar panel maintenance is very minimal and doesn’t require much time or effort. In fact, the main thing you really need to do is wash them every 6 months.

Over time dirt, debris, and bird droppings accumulate on the solar panels. If a few years pass then this can make the panels less efficient, which thus means less power. Washing the solar panels every half a year can eliminate this issue and allow your panels to be working at their most optimal rate.

There are professionals that can do this for you, but if you want to save money then the cheapest thing you can do is buy your own washing kit. There are solar panel washing kits that have everything you need to keep them clean. So check out these washing tools as they can save you a lot of money over the long haul.


Keep Solar Panels Cool

Another common misconception with solar panels is that the hotter they are, the more energy they produce. This is not true at all as the higher the temperature, the lower the voltage of the solar panel. This means if you have two solar arrays and they both get the same amount of sunlight, but one is in an environments thats 10 degrees colder then the other. The colder solar array will produce more energy.

With that being said its a smart idea to keep your solar panels cool. You can do this by making sure they are installed with areas to ventilate. This will allow air to pass through them to keep them at a moderate temperature and not overheat.


Monitor The System Regularly

The last thing you can do to maximize the output of your solar system is to simply monitor it regularly. By monitoring it you will know its average output and will recognize whenever something is not working right. There are tools online that can help you with this. In combination with software you should also physically monitor your solar system.



In the end we hope you enjoyed the above tips. If you actually fallow the them then you’ll surely improve your solar output in some degree. You should also keep in mind that over a long period of time solar panels tend to loose their efficiency. This is natural for all solar panels, but occurs over many years. So if you see your output drop slightly years after installing them, then it shouldn’t be a huge issue.